Buying a Large-Scale LED Display

When purchasing a large video board, the stakes are high and the process can be confusing. But it doesn't need to be

It's a lot of pressure-- the results of your work are going to be on display to every visitor, every event, every day. And it can be a lot of money-- large-scale LED projects can easily exceed a million dollars.

Further, audiences expect a far more sophisticated viewing experience than they would have in the past. Sports, concerts, worship, even and pedestrian-level exhibits can be transformed with quality video technology.

A good display can make even the cheap seats seem involved in an event. It can literally transform your entire venue, attracting better events and larger audiences-- and in turn, paying for itself.

So how to succeed in the process? This guide will help you answer the questions you need to, estimate your costs, and contact the companies and people who can help you deliver on the promise of a beautiful display project.

Almost all LED video displays are still a one-off, made-to-order product. This means every quote will be unique-- and you may end up feeling overwhelmed looking at different proposals. Every vendor has their own way of quoting a project, and every vendor may include or exclude specific pieces of equipment in their bid.

In order to best compare apples to apples, you need to know the answers to some basic questions about your project. All providers will need to know the following four things:

And those factors all contribute to what everyone wonders at the beginning of a project, how much is this thing going to cost? Let's look at that next.

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