Warwick Farms' Multi-Purpose Venue Illustrates Value of Integrators

A beautiful installation is worthy of note and can be illustrative for others

An Australian auction and events venue, William Inglis & Son Ltd, contracted P.A. People, an A/V installer and integrator, to bring all of their grounds and buildings under one multimedia control center.

Offering a number of services and a wide range of clientele, they have centrally networked audio and video everywhere they need it. They can host high-end horse auctions, or stage full concerts, and have the screens and audio to back it up.

The facility is extensive, in fact "The Bloodstock auctioneer’s Riverside Stables Complex.. offers a 144 room five-star hotel, more than 800 stables, a conference centre, and extensive hospitality suites and services." The main audio is now run through Bose Showmatch PA systems, and video through three large LED panels, two 15ftx10ft and one 10ftx7ft. Even with comparatively modest size compared to stadiums, "The P.A. People had to collaborate closely with the architect and builder to ensure the correct supporting and rigging infrastructure was put in place."

The location now has lovely, networked, synchronized audio and video that can be centrally controlled, is programmed so that their existing employees can control it, and different events can use it effectively.

All of this is a reminder that the actual displays, while critical, cannot function at their best without proper planning and systems supporting them. When choosing a vendor or integrator, always be sure they will be with you until the end to make sure your finished product is exactly what you had hoped for.

More here: https://www.ausleisure.com.au/news/warwick-farm-facilities-benefit-from-site-wide-audio-visual-flexibility/

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