What You Don't Want to Have Happen to Your Display Panel

When is no news good news? When your display panel isn't in flames

Times Square is home to some of the largest and most-viewed large-scale LED technology on the planet. Selling a board there is a big win for any manufacturer, period.

But again, the displays there are likely the most-viewed displays there are. So if you install your best technology on a building in New York City, you simply can't have it catching on fire. Saying it just sounds like a joke.

And fortunately it wasn't a serious fire in terms of threatening the structure, but it easily could have been. And given the mix of social commentary and press surrounding the content of the billboard at the time, it could have been much, much worse.

Take a look:

It's not clear what manufacturer's board went up in smoke, but there is little doubt that behind the scenes in sales meetings their name will be coming up. And no one is going to be seeking out the guys that set Times Square on fire, even if it generated a lot of tweets for Skyy.

So get your specs situated, find out what you really need in a display, and then find the highest-quality manufacturer with the best support that you can afford.

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