Should We Install a Fixed or Mobile LED Display?

Mobile LED boards are popular, especially as rentals, and they can add flexibility. Fixed displays can be beautiful integrated. Which way should you go?

Your basic plan may determine whether a fixed display is even an option to consider. If you're installing a video board over one end of a stadium, it is not likely something you will be moving around.

But in a stage application, movable LED displays can add versatility to your venue and make every event a unique experience.

As a rule, a mobile (or temporary, or rental) style display will be more expensive for a given size and quality. This is normal, as the display needs to support itself, as opposed to having fixed architectural supports to help keep it in place. A permanent display can have power and wiring integrated into the venue, while the mobile display needs to be self-contained and easy to set up. All of this adds expense.

Again, this decision is likely not a difficult one. In most installations it won't be a choice at all. But if it is an option, and if flexibility in the venue could add value, now is the time to decide.

An option for venues and projects that do feel they could use a mobile display-- consider, for the short term at least, and perhaps permanently, renting your display needs. You can offload the maintenance and upgrades to someone else, and depending on the frequency of use, potentially save money.

Now that the basics are situated, we'll proceed into whom you should contact to make your large-scale LED project come to life.

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