Which LED Vendors Should We Contact?

There are more LED vendors today than ever. This gives buyers a wide spectrum of choice, but also adds confusion

Our goal is to work with all major manufacturers currently producing large-scale LED displays and screens.

The more transparent pricing can be, the more standardized a product can be, the better pricing and the buying experience will be.

Please contact us for examples of pricing-- we can show you recent projects that have been installed in various venues around the country, and give you a good idea of what these projects cost.

We can also help with a few stories of how buyers did it right-- or very wrong, and share those pitfalls.

When choosing a vendor for your display, they run the gamut. The largest producer of LED video displays is Daktronics. Other large vendors that specialize in sports and entertainment displays include Samsung's Prismview (formerly Yesco Electronics), Southpaw Sports and Entertainment (formerly Panasonic), and Mitsubishi Electronics. These vendors get most of the jobs in the major leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS. All of these companies are able to handle very large projects, but also do some work in the the sub-$1-million range.

There are many smaller companies that can do a great job, and are suited to these same under million dollar projects. But the complete list of vendors that would be interested in bidding these jobs can get down into the less ieal range, with many sign companies that may not have real experience in building the kind of display you have in mind. It’s critical to know (and see for yourself) which vendors have proven, working installs that are similar to what you want. The most common names in this range include companies like OES, Leyard/Planar, PizelFlex, and Formetco.

Additionally, there are vendors that specialize specifically in retail, traffic, and wayfinding displays, such as Watchfire.

OES is a great option for specialized scoreboards for sports, and they also do virtually any type of LED display in sports arenas.

Remember — these vendors are not only supplying a display, but they are also responsible for engineering, construction, and project management. It’s about way more than just the display.

And some companies may not have the ability to do the entire project, and so work with installers like Snap Install to get their LED product into large-scale projects. It is critical to know the scope of what your vendor can do.

The key to finding the right vendor is asking the right questions. ALL vendors are going to say "Yes, we do that"... but the best bet for a great final product is researching vendors ahead of time that have experience doing projects that are exactly like what you envision.

Once you have an idea of what you want your display to look like, feature you want, and any budget parameters, we would be happy to discuss your direction with you and give some free input. Call us anytime or contact us below.

Do not contact just one vendor, even if you're sure of who you'll use. The information you get back from any vendor will help you more effectively negotiate and question the vendor you do end up with. The more input you get the more potential pitfalls you'll avoid.

If you want to talk about your project with someone without triggering an endless series of sales calls, please feel free to call us at 360-340-9885. We can help.

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