Compare LED Displays Before You Buy

Large-scale LED event displays can run into millions of dollars. Before you engage a particular vendor, before you volunteer for unending sales calls-- get an idea of what you're looking for, and what you're looking at in terms of price.

It's a confusing process. What do you even call them? Are they pixel displays, display boards, led wall panels, flexible led screens, video walls, or Jumbotrons?

Whatever manufacturer you ultimately choose, you need to know the answers to some basic questions so you can compare apples to apples in your buying decision

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Buying Guide:

  1. Buying a Large-Scale LED Display
  2. How Much Is Our Display Going to Cost?
  3. How Big a Display Board Is Right for Our Venue?
  4. What Pixel Pitch Do We Need for a Smooth Image?
  5. Do We Need an Indoor or Outdoor LED Screen?
  6. Should We Install a Fixed or Mobile LED Display?
  7. Which LED Vendors Should We Contact?
  8. Does Our Project Require a Consultant?
  9. How Long Should We Expect Our Screens to Last?
  10. What Is a Nit and How Many Make a Bright Display?
  11. What Is a Display Processor and Do I Need One?
  12. What Does a Scaler Do for LED Displays?
  13. How Much Do Louvers Affect LED Picture Contrast?
  14. Does Refresh Rate Matter in a Large LED Display

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